Extensible Attack Surface Management

The world's first xASM

by Red Kite Solutions

Stalker is an extensible Attack Surface Management (xASM) tool with a big focus on transparency. It streamlines and automates reconnaissance operations while giving you the flexibility to expand its functionalities. Its web interface enables easy data access and sharing with stakeholders.

Powerful workflow customization

Through the combination of custom jobs, findings and subscriptions, Stalker's workflow can be fully personalized. Stalker's unlimited customization can be leveraged for all kinds of attack surface management capabilities. It supports you through the whole vulnerability testing lifecycle: reconnaissance, exploitation and regression.

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Open source transparency

Being open source allows us to stand out in terms of transparency and honesty. Stalker is no black box that you have to blindly trust. At all times, you can know what is happening in full details, because you don't want another unmanageable risk for your organization.

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Unlimited scaling

Stalker is built on Kubernetes, which allows seamless horizontal scaling that suits all your business needs. Parallelization is leveraged to achieve scalable capabilities in a securely isolated manner.



Bug bounty hunters

Security researchers

  • Infinite users
  • Full recon capabilities
  • Fully open source

Enterprise (alpha)

Know your perimeter

Everything in Community, plus
  • Enterprise deployment
  • Premium support
  • Prioritized features
  • Tailored to your needs

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Community Enterprise
Transparent open source core
Full recon capabilities
Complete workflow customization
Unlimited users
Unlimited resources
Community support
Premium support
Scalable enterprise deployment
Prioritized feature development