Red Kite Solutions

Creating flexible and transparent products that empower security professionals, while ensuring that our clients maintain control and are not exposed to additional risks.

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Transparency is fundamental for security in our business. We achieve this by open sourcing our code, a practice that not only enhances collaboration and trust but also gives back to the community. By openly sharing our source code, we deter threats, empower our team, and foster a culture of accountability.


Every feature or product we deliver aim for a flexible workflow to empower your teams. We prioritize adaptability by designing products to be highly customizable. This allows you to tailor solutions to your specific needs and challenges. Our commitment to flexibility ensures our solutions remain relevant and effective in ever-changing environments.


Innovation is central to our product, propelling us to constantly explore new possibilities. We cultivate a culture that values creativity, resulting in cutting-edge solutions that anticipate emerging needs. By embracing innovation, we empower clients to stay ahead, inspiring progress and unlocking opportunities.